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A targeted core-strengthening workout which will work all the muscles in your torso from your back, buttock, chest and every layer of muscle in your abdominals will burn about 500 calories in our 60 minutes session.



Sprint Circuit

Burn on average 700 calories in our typical 60 minutes session consisting of an interval arrangement of aerobic and anaerobic cardio fitness and body weight resistance and core workout that will shock your body into submission in achieving your fitness goals. Enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and feel the freedom and clarity of the limitless mind is space.


NFX Pump

NFX Pump is ideal for newcomers who have never done a class before and would like to learn correct technique in lifting weights and structure of workout.  The instructor will explain the equipment needed and how to use it on some of the more complex moves to ensure you start with the best technique possible. The workout could change the way your body looks and help to develop power, strength and muscle definition. You will burn on average 560 calories in a 60 minutes class.


Leg, Bums & Tums

Our technical conditioning class focuses on the lower body to tone legs, bums and tums (abdominals). Weights may be used in this class. Participants will burn on average 400 calories in a typical 60 minutes session.


body vive

If you want the optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training this is it.

Step into a body vive class and you'll tick off a complete workout. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, running and tubing exercises will help you burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. You'll leave fizzing with energy and on track for all-around healthy living.





Is an indoor cycling experience to increase cardiovascular fitness and burn on average 650 calories in a 45 minutes class. An instructor will motivate and encourage you to work to your max, what every your fitness level.  You will see the results fast. New participants must arrive 5 minutes before the class to ensure bike set up is correctly by the instructor.



Combat Conditioning

Our Combat combines powerhouse moves and stances developed from a range mixed martial arts choreographed routines with no contact..  It tones and strengthens your arms and legs whilst burning an average 730 calories in a 60 minutes class.





Coggins Yoga

Over 50s Yoga (Coggins Yoga) - A gently yoga designed to improve mobility, flexibility and circulation through mind, body intelligent movement and breathing. All conditions such as Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Joint problems, Rheumatism and Digestive issues are welcome.

Harold Coggins is both a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and a Tai Chi and Kung Fu Sifu.  The Coggins Yoga System was developed from his own experience and from his practice and study of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Static poses are held with precision for set time periods which may vary depending on the asanas being adopted. The rhythmic motion between specific static and dynamic asanas allow for synchronisation of the breath in a non-religious meditative practice which unites mind, body and spirit.  Regular practice of Coggins’ unique yoga style is effective in increasing a sense of well-being and vitality and can be used therapeutically in the healing of physical trauma as alignment is restored. As fitness training, it allows development of strength, mobility, stability, stamina, and muscle definition, whilst reducing stress and increasing mental awareness. Restoring physical health and pursuing a path of spiritual development became Harold Coggins’ way of life having enabled him successfully to heal his own body of various defects which resulted from severe physical trauma in his childhood.

Regular practice of the asanas will:

1. develop strength, flexibility, stability and stamina, burn fat, and improve muscle definition

2. Reduce pain and minor defects, improving posture and alignment of the body

3. Release vital energy, reducing stress, improving sleep and slowing down the ageing process as vitality is increased Over 50s Yoga



Tone class is a full body conditioning and strengthening workout, improving functional strength, flexibility and co-ordination. It is also excellent for improving vital core strength.These classes differ from a regular circuit training workout as the emphasis is less on the cardio-vascular system and more on the muscular and skeletal systems.

Strengthening and toning are an essential part of any fitness regime and we provide exercises with quality equipment



 A calm mindful class that will rebalance your body’s alignment, improve your posture and core strength. Great for reducing lower back pain. Participants will burn on average 400 calories in a 60 minutes class.



Tai Chi

Yang Tai Chi for health and wellbeing - Yang tai chi is an internal martial art; here the health and well-being aspect is being promoted. It consists of a combination of graceful, flowing movements in rhythmic harmony with breath and mind. As a moving meditation, it motivates the body to self-induce healing and free itself from stress.


·         Helps cure and prevent illness

·         Strengthens immune system

·         Reduces stress and improves health

·         Reduces anxiety and depression

·         Reduces high blood pressure

·         Slowing loss of bone density in women

·         Improves muscle strength and definition

·         Increase energy, stamina & agility

·         Increases feelings of well-being

·         Improves cardiovascular fitness

·         Improves balance and coordination

·         Improves concentration

·         Relieves chronic pain

·         Reduces sleep disorder


Coggins Balance

Consist of a fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung and Pilates moves to improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance and calmness. Participants will burn on average 390 in a 55 minute class.






Boot Camp

This interval class mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. It’s designed to push participants harder than they'd push themselves with the fun high intensity workout that will challenge you and keep you guessing what to expect in the next class.  While helping you burn on average 600 calories in a typical 60 minutes session.


Functional Circuit

The circuit of exercises resembles activities you make every day. You’ll be

moving in every direction, combining moves like lunges and presses to involve the whole body and lifting loads that produce growth. You can do this program as long as you want—no matter your level.


Body Blitz

Body Blitz fitness classes are suitable for people of all ages and ability levels. Body Blitz fitness class combines high and low impact moves, toning and stretching. There is a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. The Body Blitz fitness classes are attended by people of all shapes, sizes and abilities and everyone enjoys themselves.


Powerplate Vibration Training

Is a system that can help improves strength, flexibility and is great for a massage at the end of a workout. 20 minutes classes will be programmed by our instructors to add to the excitement of your training programme, enabling you to burn about 150 calories.


Boxing Circuits

Our high-energy circuit incorporates basis circuit stations mixed together with boxing and martial arts disciplines.  A dynamic approach to circuit training to give a varied and challenging workout! Participants will burn on average 600 calories.








A fiery fusion of Latin and international music with sexy pre-choreographed dance moves that creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness class to get your heart racing. It’s the ultimate way to party yourself fit and burn on average -500 calories in a 60 minute class.


✆:  0208 658 3935

✆:  0208 658 3935



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