Before I started these classes I was always very sceptical about yoga


Then one day on way to gym I talked with Harold he asked if I had bad back because of the way I was walking

I told him that I had always suffered from lower back issues because of the type of work I used to do


He suggested the I try the over fifties yoga class I decided to give it try


I found that it was more difficult than I had invisioned but on explaining my issue to Harold we did one or two lessons concentrating on lower back went home that evening felt bit sore  but when I went to gym two days later to yoga I had very little pain

And now after doing several classes and a workshop I personally feel with his professionalism I have moved forward dramatically* and have more respect for my body and health in general and I am learning to concentrate more on things in hand and my life in general


He is one of the most professional trainers I have met and he is an inspiration to the whole class

He has high expectations of the class and you can see hat we all strive to meet both his and our expectations


Could not see over fifties working without some one so determined to help people move forward from various disabilities or ailments


Glad I joined this club




✆:  0208 658 3935

My name is Donna and I am a true testament that Pilates/Yoga does wonders. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2004 and was unable to stoop. I had to crawl on all 4 (hands and feet) to go up the stairs. I tried every drug I heard of for arthritis but would only get temporary relief.


Then in 2010 I started to get severe pain on the left side of my neck and down my left arm. At times when I tried to lift my arm it was like an impossible task.


 I went to see my GP who refer me to a consultant after a lot of examination and they couldn't diagnosed what was going wrong with my body so they gave me steroids and refer me to another consultant, who refer me to the third consultant, who advised me to try Pilates.


 I started the gym in 2011 and in my first Yoga/Pilates session with Harold I told him about the pain in my neck and arms, after 3 of his sessions the pain stopped. Then a few months later I realised I wasn't feeling any pain in my knees and groin.


I even remember during that time I wasn't sleeping well and I mentioned it to Harold and he told me to eat green vegetables at nights.  I got myself a nutri built, since then I've been blending various green vegetables mostly lettuce ,Kale, spinach and okra which I would drink before bed time.


 Thanks to Harold’s classes which I attend twice a week, it has now been 4 years I am free of all the arthritis pain.


 I no longer have to crawl up the stairs, I run up stairs and I've been sleeping better.


 I live in Stratford and whenever I go to Westfield shopping centre I would run up those long sets of steps and wherever I have to go upstairs I would run up.


Mrs Donna Gaynor


Hello my name is Vee I'm 56 soon to be 57. I have been disabled since I was 9, I lost my right leg above the knee when I was knocked over by a car.


Since 2000 I've suffered with cronic knee and lower back pain, I have had three major operations and I 'v lost count of the number minor operations, plus years of physiotherapy, nothing has really helped with the pain I suffered daily.


I was retired on the due to ill health in 2004 and since have spent  the majority of my time on my Sofa or at hospital appointments.


I heard  about Harold over 50's Yoga from a close friend,  I have wanted for some time to get involved in yoga or pilates but was concerned to join main stream classes due to my age and disability.


My first  class was in Feb and I'v not looked back since. The classes are challenging and some exercises I'm unable to do however Harold adapt the exercises for my spific needs.


Before I started Harold 's over 50's yoga some days I was talking  up to 1215mg of painkillers, I used cruches at all times even in my home.


Since taking the over 50's yoga classes my daily painkiller intake has reduced significantly* and I have days when I able to move around my home unaided. My knee and back pain have improved and my overall wellbeing has greatly improved. I credits the improvements to Harold's programme.


Thank you  Beckenham Gym



I attended Harold's Yin yang class for eleven years. I would still be attending if I was still living in London but left four years ago when I had my little boy. When I first started Harold's class I was recovering from a car accident and also different from nervous exhaustion. I was also doing Iyenga yoga and both really helped me get back to optimal health. It was a slow process and took a couple of years until I felt completely well again and get back my strength and flexibility.


I always enjoyed exercise and ran a few exercise classes for people with disabilities and decided to become a trainer myself. my fitness diploma had Pilates as part of it and did not want to do Pilates as I have always been into yoga. I did the course and did not realise how much Pilates I had already done in yin yang. I am now teaching Yin yang myself and it is slowly building momentum in my home town of Grimsby. They love the free style nature of the classes and never knowing what to expect.


My class are all looking forward to Harold doing a workshop in Grimsby and meet the man who thought me about Yin Yang. Your method is now working its magic in North East Lincolnshire.


Big thank you Harold ☺


Kelly Chester,

Personal and Suspension Trainer


* Stating result may vary person to person".


✆:  0208 658 3935



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